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TLG is the place to discover amazing products and great stores. We hand-pick everything that is smart, popular, or anything that will make your day. Shopping can be stressful sometimes especially when you have no idea what to buy. At TLG, we have put in the hours browsing around and cherry-picking products on your behalf, so you don't have to. With a little help from TLG, we hope your experience can be more enjoyable and efficient.

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Co-founder of TLG. She is a passionated UX designer who loves creating elegant solution while crafting delightful user interface. Your great shopping experience with TLG comes from her.

Ivy is naturally curious and is always up for adventures (especially food adventures). She also loves fashion and cooking.

Team 2 7d9b24d1a1b956d694a58d9529ff0cdbdef0a76f3042fea61dab3f41cef3443b Meng

Co-founder of TLG. He is a web developer and a problem solver. His job is to create new features for you, and make sure that you don't see those 404 pages.

Meng enjoys writing codes everyday. He also likes video games and celtic music.


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