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6 inch gold foil rose
6 inch gold foil rose2
6 inch gold foil rose3
6 inch gold foil rose5
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Anyone can give red roses or white or yellow roses, but only your true love will give you a gold rose. A symbol of beauty and appreciation, show her how much you care with this amazingly unique and detailed rose. Crafted in Twaian from only the finest 24k gold leaf, this rose is stunning and it’s quality is unmatched. The rose comes in it’s own unique box with the certificate of authenticity.

Stand out amongst the crowds with this Gold Rose ! Candy, teddy bears, it’s all been over done. You need something new, modern, forward and this gold leaf rose is just the answer you have been waiting for! She will love you, her friends will be jealous and you will rack up some serious brownie points for such a sweet, thoughtful and romantic gesture! A rose that is one of a kind, just like she is.

This gold rose weighs in at 8 ounces, stands about six inches tall and is crafted to mimic each and every detail of a living flower. This gift is perfect for just about any occasion: the holidays, weddings, anniversaries, mother’s day, birthdays, apologies, and just any day!