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Aqua square coffee table 25 gallon aquarium2
Aqua square coffee table 25 gallon aquarium1
$630.00 from Amazon

There is something special in this Aquarium Coffee Table. Your square aquarium coffee table is an oasis of stillness in an environment, whether at your home or at your office. This handmade tank is constructed from sturdy cell-cast acrylic, that provides with better clarity and is more than 10 times tougher than glass. This coffee table could create a comfortable atmosphere when offering everyday use. This 25 gallon style 675 Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium is greatly designed so that it can easily fit your perfect living room. A solid 3/8″ tempered 36 square glass top finishes that system designed to offer years of enjoyment. And complete along with lighting, gravel, extension cord, two-stage submersible filter pump, decorative plants, as well as easy to understand instructions.

The acrylic is very durable to scratches. You are going to clean it after removing the rocks very easily. It even hardly loses its visibility if you scratch its sides. When you aerate that water, or make some motions in the water, you’ll see condensation under the glass top as well as this will bubble up, and will begin dripping into the water. The glass top is well-made. It is a beautiful piece.