AyeGear H13 Hoodie with 13 Pockets | TLG
Ayegear h13 hoodie with 13 pockets1
Ayegear h13 hoodie with 13 pockets2
Ayegear h13 hoodie with 13 pockets3
$90.00 from Amazon

Wear your personal belongings discreetly with this amazing Pocket Hoodie that has thirteen unique compartments specifically designed for the valuables that you usually carry with you using your backpack. But guess what? You don’t need any backpacks anymore bruh!

This fleece-lined Hoodie is a reliable attire where you can store your passport, credit card, phone, tablet, water bottle, keys, money, coins, and headphones. By using this hoodie, your wallet and gadgets are now safer than ever. Just don’t take off your hoodie when you’re out, okay? Keep it on you and wear it like a boss.

Needless to say, if you are out and about and you want to stay warm, this AyeGear thirteen-pocket hoodie is the best pick for you. Stay safe and connected to your personal belongings when you’re on the move and look good doing it.