Baby bump sound system
$59.99 from Amazon

Bellybuds is really a Baby-Bump Sound System, and it makes parents become an effective way to supply audio stimulation to the growing baby to create their memories. The speakers smoothly adhere to the mom’s belly and securely perform audio, relaxing sounds as well as voice messages right to the womb. The device includes a storage pouch, an audio splitter, 2 sets of Glues, and great use of VoiceShare. The awesome device is lightweight, portable, easy to use, and wearable anywhere as well. A mom can send bond-forming and loving voice messages to her loved one who is now at a long distance. The ProudBody Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit is very comfortable and lets you position anywhere your baby is. This device amazingly helps you move your baby out of a painful or an uncomfortable position. When you play a sound in the opposite side of where your baby is, this little one tries to gravitate towards that music. So, be a great mom with this great device to make your baby’s memories as soon as possible.

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