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Bigmouth inc the original toilet mug
Bigmouth inc the original toilet mug1
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Bigmouth inc the original toilet mug4
$12.99 from Amazon

Are you fun loving? Do you want to have a little fun while taking a cup of tea or coffee? This amazing funny toilet Bowl-shaped ceramic coffee mug is a perfect deal for you. The dogs only could not be allowable to drink out of your toilet. It will surely add a new dimension to your environment. The eye-catching coffee mug can hold as much as 12 ounces of your much liked hot beverage as well as make your friends or colleagues do a double take. This hilarious mug will enhance your dinnerware on the special occasions. You can’t wait when your friends or relatives will come and the laughs will begin! This superb hand-painted mug could be a great gift for you if you are a coffee or tea lover, plus it could gross out you if you have a weak stomach.
The color of the mug is close to yellowish-brown or off-white that just matches the color of your toilet rim. The mug seems to make the taste better of your favorite beverages. Great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and lemonade or even water.

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