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Blankie tails shark blanket
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Isn’t it thrilling to you to sleep with a land shark? Nice land shark! This Shark Sleeping Bag is made with much more care and love, and is quite hand-made. Do you want to sleep with this intimidating fish? This gorgeous sleeping bag perfectly works as a body pillow as well, or as one of the most threatening weapons you can use in a pillow fight, as well as makes a surprising gift in order to accolade a shark week marathon sleepover festivity. It is a stuffed toy, a perfect sleeping bag! The Shark Sleeping Bag is very easy to carry wherever you are going to. It is even more functional than most of the real sleeping bags. Think for a while that how great idea it is to turn it into the mainstream public.

You will certainly feel great to sleep into a human eating shark. The toy is well made, and this could take getting laid on and in, over and over with no defects. This attention-grabbing sleeping bag is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Just have a sound sleep into your comfortable sleeping bag.