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Boba vest
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Ensure your baby is as warm and comfy as you are with this Peekaru Original Fleece Baby Carrier Cover. It is ideal for mothers and their baby as it can snuggly fit over the pair of them. A side zipper is featured to allow you to easily slip it on without scratching or disturbing your baby. Regardless of the weather, our baby carrier will ensure your baby is the right temperature and will also give you a double, triple layer for the winter months. You can take your little munchkin everywhere with the baby carrier without sacrificing comfort needs for anyone of you.

With the baby cover you will not have to go through the stress of dressing up your baby in multiple layers, as with its fleecy, warm texture there’s absolutely no need! It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, ensuring there is something for every mother and baby. Spend some quality time together and form that close bond with your little one… One so close that both your hearts beat together… Cute!

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