BodyForm Foam Roller with Deep Tissue & Vibration Massage | TLG
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$69.99 from Brookstone

With all the stress and physical problems we encounter everyday, it comes no surprise why massage has been the latest trend in the health and fitness industry these past few years. For active people looking for the best way to relax their muscles, this deep tissue and vibration massage is, without a doubt, the most awesome and highly useful device out in the market right now.
This excellent deep tissue and vibration massage aids its user to release muscle tension as a part of a pre-workout and/or post-workout session.
This device is extremely ideal for anyone who wants to target specific muscle areas. For example, if you’d like to work on your quadriceps, this foam roller will definitely be of great help to you. In addition to this, this device also features a built-in three-speed vibration which will meet your expectations on how an effective massage should be delivered and carried out. With the lactic acid build-up this vibration massage releases, you can expect quick recovery results right away.