Huir brain specimen coasters black
    brain specimen coasters 600x600
Huir brain specimen coasters
$19.99 from Thinkgeek

Who says classy coasters have to be minimalistic and trendy? They can be smart-looking too, ya know… especially when you use these Brain Specimen Coasters to add an extra flair to your dining room!
To make both your drinking time and meal time fun and unique, it’s about time you try something new to add class to your dining table. What better way to do that than by using this set of Brain Specimen Coasters to prevent water splashes and circles from harming your gorgeous dining table?!
Here’s what you need to know, bud… Each set of this nerdy coasters come with ten glass coasters that feature a slice of brain printed on it. As a clever desk accessory, you can stack your brain specimen coasters on one side and once you look from the proper angle, you can easily see that it creates an illusion which is pretty much the picture of a full brain. Oh, and the best part about this glass coaster? It’s not only cool to look at. It also has rubber feet that will protect your table from being scratched. Smart, huh?