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Breaking bad heisenberg cutting board lets cook
$28.00 from Amazon

Are you a little sad that Breaking Bad is over? Keep it alive with this Breaking Bad HEISENBERG Cutting Board! That’s right, bring all the entertainment of Breaking Bad right into your very own kitchen with this super fantastic uber functional Breaking Bad HEISENBERG Cutting Board! Made from 100% natural bamboo this cutting board is both Breaking Bad-ass and totally sustainable.

For all the Breaking Bad fans out there who are still finding the right merch to fill the empty hole in their hearts left completely devastated by the final episode of the Breaking Bad series, this Breaking Bad HEISENBERG Cutting Board is the right purchase for all of you.
Let’s keep it simple, the Breaking Bad HEISENBERG cutting board is awesome for the following reasons: First, it makes people happy. For real. Don’t even question it. Seriously, though, how can you not be happy while chopping vegetables when you see Heisenberg’s engraved face on the surface of your very own cutting board? Any die hard Breaking Bad fan will love this stuff.

Next, you have the freedom to choose which side you’d like to use as a kitchen decor. If you want to use the plain side of the cutting board for preparing your food, you can freely do so and use the other side with Heisenberg’s face as a clever kitchen decor. Lastly, it’s eco-friendly; so you can take great pride on being able to finally buy something which does not make you feel guilty at the end of the day.

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