Brookstone® Fogless Shower Mirror | TLG
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$59.99 from Brookstone

Want to get rid of the fog on your mirror before, during, or after you shower? If yes, then you’ll be glad to come across this Fogless Shower Mirror that don’t have any fog whatsoever.
With this fogless mirror you can be sure that even in the steamiest, hottest shower, you can still use your mirror to shave and see your gorgeous face. Unlike coated mirrors, the anti-fog properties of this fogless shower mirror are active and will never wear off. It’s THAT awesome.
For your convenience, this fogless mirror has a razor holder and squeegee. Yup, that’s right. It doesn’t just prevent mirror fogging from messing up your shaving, it also gives you a chance to store your ultimate grooming weapon. To add, it even allows you look at yourself at the most convenient spot inside your bathroom, may it be the shower wall or the glass door. Now, to use this cool mirror, all you have to do is fill the cup on the top of the mirror with warm water. Then, within just a few seconds, the mirror would automatically become clear and fog-free. Simple as that.