Build-On Brick Mug | TLG
Ee3c build on brick mug
1955 build on brick mug black
Ee3c build on brick mug inhand
Ee3c build on brick mug desk
$9.99 from Thinkgeek

Have your cup of coffee every morning with a little something from the brain training factor. That’s right, with the Colossal Coffee Mug, you will surely get the coffee you need to wake up whilst your brain receives the engineering training it needs in order to face an energy-bursting, hard day. If you adapt the role of 9 to 5, then this will surely do you some good and if you need to be out of the house before 9am, then you surely need to get going and incorporate the coffee mug into your daily routine.
You can have a head start training your brain whilst the coffee is being made and once it’s in the cup you can train, sip, and train! Our clever coffee cup is compatible with Pixelblocks, Mega Bloks, LEGO, K’NEX Bricks, and KRE-O. Drink and build, and if you’re out of coffee, there’s no reason to why you cannot carry on building. Next time you’re taking that ‘I am ready’ breathe of relief for your morning meeting; you can surely give your cup a wink, which can also accompany you to work every morning.