Carrot Pillow - Vegetable Plush - Funky Bedroom Decor | TLG
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$60.00 from Etsy

Pillows are needed by every living human being, even dogs, in day-to-day life. Pillows are your greatest companions. This is why, over the years, various pillow designs have been created. Unfortunately, none really managed to be captivating enough. It is definitely a good thing that this year, humdrum pillows are out; unique and awesome pillows are in! Here’s a Funny Body Pillow for you to keep you sound at night as you plant your face on it.
What most people don’t know is that carrots are not only healthy vegetables; rather, they are also ideal decors and pillow designs for those who want to bask on a special nap every once in a while. This gigantic carrot pillow is perfect for anyone who loves sleeping on road trips, or to anyone who just really loves sleeping and eating. In addition to that, this funny carrot body pillow is also the most unique gift you can possibly give to your friend who adores veggies and… well… eating in general.
This 42-inch funny body pillow is cuddly and ideal as a neck pillow. What else could you ask for? Make sure to give yourself this simple luxury in life and order one right away!