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Channel rc helicopter with gyro
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This amazing Remote Control Helicopter is the most surprising gift for your kids. The remote has 2 joysticks, and it is so easy to lean. Only the left side moves up/ down and can control the speed of the rotors, and that controls how much lift those produce. The right joystick moves up/ down and can control forward or reverse. You could also move the right stick slantwise in order to make different turns when moving frontward or rearward. Very durable! In spite of crashing into wall, ceiling fan, tables or sofa, it still keeps flying unless there are any major issues found. Even in case any parts breaks, don’t worry as everything in your helicopter is quite replaceable, from the body parts to motors to the wings. One of the greatest sides of this perfect helicopter is if you want to change channels, just flip the button on the controller, then your helicopter can automatically identify which one you prefer.

Two of your children can simultaneously play with this fine-looking helicopter. There’s something briskly uplifting about this sound as well as something elevating about that way it elevates and can stay aloft with justly incredible balance. Includes spare tail blade plus USB charger.