Chili pad
$449.00 from Brookstone

Are you hot at night, and she’s not? Or vice versa? Many couples struggle with this problem – sheets on, sheets off, leg stuck out, windows open, electric blankets on, trying anything and everything to get a comfortable night’s sleep. The Chili Pad holds all of the answers within it. The Chili Pad is a cooling and heating mattress pad available in single or dual zones so whether you sleep by yourself, or with your partner, everyone involved can be assured a beautiful, comfortable night’s sleep!
The chili pad adjusts in 1 degree increments from 46-118 degrees Fahrenheit guaranteeing the perfect temperature for you to get a good night’s sleep! Control the Chili Pad with a wireless remote or from the base unit. The Chili Pad circulates water within it to warm or cool your mattress to the desired temperature. On average, the chili pad uses only 80W of energy – much less than adjusting the thermostat in your home! The money you save on your heating and cooling bills will pay for the Chili Pad!
Say goodbye to the days of endless blankets, struggles for the sheets, and inconsistent ambient temperatures with the chili pad. Solve all of those he’s not, she’s not problems with one easy mattress pad! Perfect for everyone in your house, from kids to adults! Put it on your Christmas list this year!