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Cloud b twilight constellation night light  turtle2
Cloud b twilight constellation night light  turtle
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If you or someone you know has trouble falling asleep, the Turtle Night Light is something you may want to consider. Regardless of the age, many people find it difficult to get to sleep, but not anymore with this charming nightlight. The twilight turtle nightlight is both comforting and adorable and beautifully projects a full starry night sky on the ceiling and walls in any room. This makes night time less scary and will even make you look forward to it than ever before.

You have the choice of choosing from three soothing color options, all of which can help set a magical and tranquil environment, helping the user get to sleep. This is the perfect gift for anyone afraid of the dark and people who have trouble falling asleep. The plush turtle projects a lovely, magical constellation of stars onto the bedroom ceiling and walls all from within his plastic shell. The shell illuminates like a nightlight, and helps soothe the user and eases their fear of the dark. The toy is both educational and interactive, with eight constellations. Bed times never been so much fun, no matter how much you fear the dark!