Color wheel watch
$21.93 from Amazon

The white band contrasts beautifully to the colors on the face of the watch – 12 different colors each marking off a different hour. With all of these colors, this watch is the perfect addition to any wardrobe and guaranteed to match any style from the casual to the professional. This watch is unisex – the face is large at 1.5 inches in diameter, but not obnoxiously so, so it fits well on the wrist no matter who you are!
This watch is the perfect gift – quirky, yet stylish and fashionable, gender neutral so it’s perfect for men or women, and made of only the highest quality materials. A perfect gift for anyone on your holiday gift list!

This watch is water resistant so it can be worn in most day-to-day situations without worry. Stands out on it’s own, yet matches any outfit, this watch is a chameleon of colors, a true watch for every day, no matter the day or the occasion!

Bonus: Have a little fun with this color wheel watch by telling your friends that it is “purple past teal” when they ask the time!