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Customized wedding cake topper
Customized wedding cake topper  3
Customized wedding cake topper  4
$110.00 from Etsy

What are weddings and other romantic events without adorable cake toppers? Whether you are organizing a wedding, anniversary celebration, or a reception, this Customized Wedding Cake Topper could effortlessly pop up alongside any yummy cake or at each guest table in the venue you’ve chosen no problem.

Cake Toppers have come a long way from those that have been used by the old generation decades ago. Today’s hopelessly in-love couples clearly demand new themes and one of which is realism. Compared before, cake toppers nowadays have to look more natural, less stiff, a bit comical, and lifelike. Thankfully, at present, there are a lot of materials an artist could choose from so that he/she can design cake toppers that show amazing and intricate details. Each person’s taste varies so, to save you time, just simply send in your request so that you can get the exact wedding cake topper you want and put it where it belongs, on top of your very own gorgeous wedding cake.

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