Das Horn Drinking Vessel | TLG
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$24.99 from Brookstone

The craft beer world has exploded over the past few years. Chances are, you know a few beer enthusiasts. A true beer connoisseur knows the importance of the right drinking vessel…and they have them all. Except one, that is! Das Horn Drinking Vessel is the absolute perfect drinking vessel for any beer (or other liquid you so choose).
Das Horn will make you feel like a Nordic God every time you take a drink! A true viking drinking vessel, Das Horn gives you all the fun and the experience without actually having to drink out of a hollowed out horn (those aren’t dishwasher safe – Das Horn is!). Rest assured, animal-lovers – no animals were hurt in the production of Das Horn.
Das Horn drinking vessel is made from BPA plastic so it’s fun and safe to drink out of! Holds up to 24 ounces – that’s two full cans of beer that fit in Das Horn! Rimmed with elegant stainless steel because while you like to pretend you’re a barbaric viking, you’re still sophisticated and a little fancy at heart.
Should you choose to put down Das Horn (although we don’t know why you’d want to do that), it comes with a convenient neck strap so you can tote it with you on the go.
Das Horn drinking vessel makes the perfect gift for all the powerful drinkers in your life! Your friends will love it! Makes for a great conversation piece!