Design Toscano Bath Tissue Tyrant: Commode Dragon | TLG
Design toscano bath tissue tyrant  commode dragon 1
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A fearsome porcelain throne isn’t fit for royalty without an equally fearsome toilet paper holder! Obviously! This Dragon Tyrant Tissue Holder will keep you company in those glorious moments of restroom solitude.

This mythical guardian is cast in high quality designer resin. No detail was forgotten in the artistic rendering of a fabled treasure-loving beast. The head features two horns and multiple ridges. The wings are carved with meticulous attention to proper scaling. Oh yeah! This lovely lad was made to be a model so he’s going to look handsome from every angle.

The dragon holds the toilet paper roll in his front legs, which are complete with scales and sharp claws. An elegant dark metal rod extends between the bust’s forearms. The ends of the rod are smoothly crafted spheres much like the regal scepters of kings and queens. The bar’s carefully chosen color and style accents the overall design without sacrificing functionality.

The miniature likening is hand painted in an emerald and bronze color scheme. The creature’s underbelly is predominately bronze while the wings and head are various shades of green. The attention to shadow and depth really make the dragon come alive and will certainly add life to any bathroom décor.