digital multifunction kitchen and food scale3
 digital multifunction kitchen and food scale
 digital multifunction kitchen and food scale1
 digital multifunction kitchen and food scale4
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When it is time to look for the real multifunction scale for your kitchen and home, the Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale by Ozeri definitely comes in handy. If you are a serious cook, the Pronto is your ultimate companion and is built with the latest technology in order to make sure accuracy and instant responses to help the fast-paced cook. The Pronto features one of the largest platforms in its class in order that it could deal with bigger bowls plus food items. This kitchen and food scale is stylishly designed along with a superior chrome finish and can double as a postage apparatus for the mail or the scale for the science projects of your children. Its widescreen LCD is to display the results in KGs, pounds, ounces, grams, and that big Unit switch allows you to choose any unit of measurement just with the push-button. To make you reach your weight and diet goals, it weighs as much as 11 pounds in graduations of only 0.05 ounces. The Pronto includes the best handy Tare Button that mechanically deducts the weight of the container/ bowl so that you can get the exact weight of the ingredients. Also offers one year No-Hassle warranty.