Doctor Who 10th Doctor's Coat | TLG
Ea7a 10th doctor coat
Ea7a 10th doctor coat pocket
Ea7a 10th doctor coat wearing
$250.99 from Thinkgeek

Steal all the attention at the upcoming Halloween party in this Doctor Who Coat for men. The best way to wear it is if you are going with a partner, as she can make an equally lush entrance in the ladies version of the coat. Everyone loves Doctor Who and if you could be him for a day how brilliant would that be? This charming coat comes in a lovely cinnamon brown color and is ready to give you that lush and rich look for the occasion! The beautiful décor on the coat involves the dark blue indigo lining, which is ever so radiant with an elusive herringbone design.
The sexy coat features two tangerine colored welt pockets, which are made up of silky fabric and ready to provide a home to your essential items. Don’t wait any longer and make sure it is amongst your wardrobe before the upcoming party… Just remember to tell your friends they are in for a surprise this year! Just don’t be so surprised if everyone asks to take a photo with you because with a look like this… It’s completely normal!