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Egg genie electric egg cooker
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Many of us feel indolent to cook breakfast for sleeping for couple minutes more. The Egg Genie Electronic Egg Cooker saves much more time of cooking eggs, as well as it is very convenient to use. It could cook as much as 7 eggs at a time. One of the most amazing features of the egg cooker is it has the option for you to choose from soft, medium or hard-boiled simply by filling in different amounts of water. The steam cooks your eggs, and the cooker’s alarm lets you know if your eggs are done exactly in the way you want, therefore, each time you can get rightly boiled eggs. Just put your eggs into the egg genie and add the needed amount water utilizing the included measuring cup, then turn the machine on.

Amount of the water controls the cooking time. Make your favorite breakfast, make tasty appetizers or even a wholesome snack within a very short time. Get relaxed while cooking your breakfast as cooking is now quite hassle-free.