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1543 executive knight pen holder ondesk
1543 executive knight pen holder
$29.99 from Thinkgeek

Let’s just be up front about this. Nobility must distinguish themselves from the plebeians. Nobility must provide themselves with the ultimate luxuries. Otherwise, what’s the point? Mundane tasks such as searching for the appropriate writing utensil is better left to people who aren’t you. Embrace your greater self and indulge in the Executive Knight Pen Holder.
Who better to be at your beck and call than a fearsome and dashing knight? This metallic adventurer is cast in high quality resign and showcases a detailed design including meticulously carved armor. The knight kneels offering you his unyielding loyalty and protection. Boy, he sure knows how to make you feel like ruler of all the land!
He even holds your pen aloft so you’ll always be able to find your magical scepter. In fact, this little man will keep track of whatever you ask of him. Pool stick, plastic spoon, remote control, French fry, cell phone. Entrust your valuables to this anointed servant’s hands and he will forever protect and serve with arms raised high.
This ThinkGeek creation is a perfect accessory for your medieval alter ego. Feel free to provide your own pen, but your new favorite subject offers you his own. The knight comes with a refillable metal pen. The sleek standard ballpoint plume has a simple classic features to balance the intricacy of the knight’s armor.
At 4 inches by 5.5 inches by 5.75 inches, this little statuette is the perfect size for any office desk. Go ahead and collecting your guards. The Executive Knight Pen Holder is a great place to start!