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Most designer belts are fashionable and, usually, they are those that fall under the worth-all-the-expense type of fashion accessories but Running Belt is different from those and is just simply amazing. It’s not only fashionable; rather, it’s also very useful for your daily activities.

The Flipbelt is a revolutionary belt that allows your hands to go free when you’re out and about. Because of the four roomy pockets of this simple yet flexible belt, you can easily tuck in your credit card, money, phone, and keys while you are at the gym focusing on your workout. It is very easy to clean as well since it’s machine-washable and made of Spandex-Lycra, meaning you can rely on its perfect blend material and four flexible openings.

Since this product has no clasps, buttons, zipper, or whatsoever, you’ll find this belt extremely easy to wear in the morning when you are usually in a hurry and about to go in a quick run. It’s elegant, functional, and fashionable. What more could you ask for?