Folding Bluetooth® Keyboard | TLG
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$59.99 from Brookstone

Ever since smaller and lighter gadgets have been invented, the world reached a whole new level and became much more developed than before; but the problem that comes along with using tablets, smartphones, iPads, and iPods is that our typing speed is no longer as fast as before. To solve this annoying human dilemma, the geniuses of the tech sector have came up with the Folding Bluetooth Keyboard – a device that can help you wirelessly anytime anywhere!
This folding bluetooth keyboard is everything you’ll need to type faster on your iPad or smartphone. With this awesome gadget, you’ll find it super easy to type any document, post cool blogs, and write e-mails within a short period of time. Other than that, it can also fit perfectly inside your bag, allowing you to travel lightly while carrying this real-slick keys without any hassle.
Through groundbreaking bluetooth technology, this folding bluetooth keyboard can attend to your needs anytime you need to finish a paper, business report, or other important documents. Plus, if you want to kick other gamers’ butts when playing keyboard-powered games, the folding bluetooth keyboard is the best game companion you could ever have. So, what are you waiting for? Order your very own folding bluetooth keyboard today!