Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister | TLG
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F33e game of thrones dragon egg cookie jar flames
F33e game of thrones dragon egg cookie jar
$29.99 from Thinkgeek

With this Game Of Throne Dragon Egg Canister, there’s no better way to store and hide those cookies, as this is the last place someone will look! The canister features vicious and dark dragon scales all over the outside and instead of giving birth to one dragon, it gives birth to so many cookies! Next time your friends are around yours and somebody feels peckish, think about how it’ll look when you bring over the egg canister (which they think is in fact an empty canister), and you fill their hands with cookies! Show your love for Khaleesi and go that one extra mile and make a fine addition to your dragon’s collection and at the same time have your friends stunned.
Just be sure to tell everyone to handle the canister with care, as what holds your daily snacks is just an empty container in their eyes. However, you may want to store your baby dragons in here, but storing cookies inside isn’t a bad idea either! Home your baby dragons, relieve your cravings for those daily snacks or use it to store something you wish to keep away from the eyes of others.