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Googly eyes game
Googly eyes game2
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Most of the games kids play nowadays are virtual and can be usually found in the internet. Although this type of activity seems normal at first, it sometimes hinders good ol’ family moments. This is the reason why the Googly Eyes Game has been invented.Rest assured, this one heck of a family game will to bring your family closer together in an instant by giving you all the fun you need. The best part is that this game allows its players to see the world with brand new eyes through the use of wacky vision-altering glasses. Rad!
As you play this mega fun game, you will experience how tricky it is to draw an object or place while having totally wacky visions. Isn’t that exciting? Anyway, this fun board game is sure to amaze you and your close pals with its capacity to entertain you for long hours. How is this degree of awesomeness possible? Well, it’s actually because this game has 162 drawing challenges that are divided into three themes: objects, places, and entertainment.

Not only is this a hilarious family board game but ALSO an ideal way to kill time with your sixteen closest friends. Yes, that’s right. The Googly Eyes Game is for four to sixteen players. That should be enough, shouldn’t it?

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