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Harry potter remote control wand1
Harry potter remote control wand2
$89.99 from Amazon

Have you ever wanted to be a Harry Potter? Now this is your turn, control the music player, TV, DVD or any other devices controlled by an IR remote. This Harry Potter Wand Remote Controller comes with a collector’s box and understandable instructions. With this amazing remote controller, you can control your TV plus most of the electronic things those can work via a remote. This also helps you be able to conduct some unbelievable magic tricks. If you secretly yearn to be one of the parts of the mysterious world of Witchcraft and Wizardry, this remote controller could be a great deal. This is an awesome gift for all of the electronics lovers. Set up is quite easy, and once you get the wand, you will really love it. It could be programmed for as much as 9 devices.

Very durable, and it looks just like the Harry’s wand. This wand could be a great collection for all Harry Potter fans, or anybody who desires to get something funny to run any electronic device.