Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa | TLG
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$129.99 from Brookstone

Even if you don’t admit it, the truth is that you owe yourself a foot spa appointment after all your hard work and efforts. Heck, anyone as gifted as you does.
That is why in order to make it much easier for you, and to save you the expensive task of booking of a foot spa treatment, here’s a heated aqua jet foot spa just for you. With this smart investment, you can give yourself a foot spa at the convenience of your own home ANY TIME, like… totally.
With this heated aqua jet foot spa, you have the freedom to organize spa sessions for yourself any time you want to, so instead of going to the trouble of getting dressed up, going to the salon to book an appointment, paying for the service which you’re not sure you are going to like anyway, you can just set it up on your own and take your time as you chillax. Tight!