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His and her key holders
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Are you always losing your keys? Who isn’t, right? Or maybe you can only find your husband’s keys, or your wife’s keys, or any keys that aren’t actually yours? These adorable His and Hers Couples Key Holders are the perfect solution to that pesky misplaced key problem!

Sleek silver plaques for Him and Her mount easily to the wall in a convenient place of your choosing. Each comes with a unique key that is added to your own key chain. When you hang up your keys upon your return, just pop the key into the lock in the key holder and there they stay until you need them again! You will never lose your keys again! Gone are the days of only finding keys that aren’t yours. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

Your keys will never be bumped to the floor and lost to the great abyss again!

It is rare that practically meets adorable in such a unique way! These super cute couple key holders match any design and decor and make the perfect gift! Know some newly weds? These make a great shower gift! These are fantastic stocking stuffers for just about any couple! Order some for yourself and all the couples in your life! Simple, sleek, stainless design will hold up throughout years of continued use making them the gift that keeps on giving, year after year! Guaranteed to be a hit for years to come.