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$17.50 from Etsy

The Victorian Era can never really be considered over unless it leaves no mark behind in the present… which obviously isn’t the case. Victorian fashion has come a long way and it has gotten so powerful that ’til today, people still celebrate its beauty and elegance through a number of couture dresses and fashion accessories just like this Lace Vintage Umbrella – the ultimate sun parasol that can make any girl look classy and stylish.
Despite its seemingly lightweight appearance, you can take comfort in the fact that you can most certainly count on this Lace Vintage Sun Parasol anytime. After all, it’s not just beautiful, it’s also very reliable and that’s because it has a strong wooden handle which will assure you that this umbrella will remain sturdy enough for you even if you encounter the strongest gusts of wind.
Basically, this is the most perfect umbrella/sun parasol you could find for fashion and party-related purposes. It’s definitely a wise choice for photo ops, weddings, receptions, performances, garden parties, and so on.