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Led color changing showerhead
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$19.99 from Amazon

Let you morning start with colors and fun. The Color Changing Shower Head continuously changes colors to provide you with a new shower experience. Installing the new LED shower head is very fast and easy. Just unscrew the old shower head as well as screw on this excellent shower head. This LED shower head features a chrome finish plus an adjustable swivel connector to point this LED shower head in all directions. Amazing idea, very bright and vibrant colors. It looks as the same size as a regular shower head but may be a bit weighty. No batteries are ever required. Works perfectly! Its water flow is around 2.5 gallons a minute, and it seems to be enough water and pressure.In case you need a little more, you could take the green restrictor ring away with the little black o- ring in this in order to improve the water flow.

It’s so fun. To boost your pleasure, you can play some music while showering. This is just like getting naked at a disco in the rain! Just awesome!