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Led fantasy jellyfish lamp
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$89.99 from Amazon

Birds, dogs, and cats are great but you can’t bring them with you all the time… which sucks. Sooo, how about a different pet? What about an awesome jellyfish that you can take with you anywhere? Sounds good? Great, then you should get yourself this desktop Jellyfish Tank just in case.

This cool Jellyfish tank comes with all the things you need to prep an awesome and extraordinary jellyfish habitat: a tank, a set of air valves, an air pump, a hydrometer, and a fantastic array of color-changing LED lights. Pretty cool, right?

The only thing that doesn’t come with this Jellyfish tank is the jellyfish itself. Obviously, it would be wrong to keep the jellyfish in the jellyfish tank warehouse and ship it straight to you. One reason is because it’s not healthy for the jellyfish at all. However, we can’t erase the fact that you still need a jellyfish for your little cute tank. So, here’s what you should do once you receive this jellyfish tank: Use the voucher that can be found inside the kit that will be delivered to you upon order then use your voucher code in the listed jellyfish website so that you can have your own Moon Jellyfish overnight with no additional charge. It sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? Well, it is. So go and order your very own Jellyfish tank now!