Love Roses Mix Match Keycal | TLG
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$20.00 from Etsy

Do you want to spice up your daily typing activity? That’s easy. You can finally do that with these Mac Keyboard Roses Stickers.
If you are into mix n match types of designs, this is the right set of stickers for you. These Mac Keyboard Roses Stickers will bring a whole new elegant look to your keyboard because they are fab, fierce, and fancy.
As far as your concern goes for your precious device, you don’t have to worry about any damage these stickers may cause your minimalist keyboard. These keyboard stickers are printed on a removable vinyl, so whenever you feel like getting rid of these stickers to get new designs, you can easily do so. Plus, it is printed on a vinyl with a non-acrylic residue adhesive. That means that no harm will come to the delicate surface of your Mac keyboard.
Using Mac Keyboard Stickers is a trend right now, so you might as well count yourself in by using this set of cute floral-themed stickers. However, if stripes, polka dots, and cute stuffs aren’t your thing, you can always order a set of this Mac Keyboard Roses Stickers for your girl pals. After all, most girls adore small roses and stylish themes.