LumiSource SUP-LEDCHES-BW LED Lightened Glow Chess Set | TLG
Lumisource sup ledches bw led lightened glow chess set
$67.98 from Amazon

Chess is a classic and great game; but that does not mean that it cannot be upgraded anymore in order to bring it up with the times. With this incredible LED Chess Set, anyone can enjoy a fun game of chess while making use of a stunning board and glowing chess pieces.
One of the many amazing features of this chess set is that its chess pieces glow even if you don’t put any batteries inside of it.

Once you’ve already set up the chess pieces, you would notice that all you have to do is wait for all of them to glow once they are close to the board. Yes, it’s THAT awesome!

Without a doubt, this is by far the best chess set out in the market. Who knew that you can play chess in the dark with high quality LED chess pieces? However, if playing chess is not something you see yourself doing, then make sure that you share this board of joy to the ultimate chess lovers you know. With the outstanding quality and features of this LED Chess Set, it’s hard not to brag about it.