Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair | TLG
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$2,950.00 from Etsy

The time has come for you to stray from boring chair designs and revel in comfy and extremely cool chairs like this Bookcase Chair.
This luxury club library bookcase chair is BOTH a chair and a home decor in its own right. It even has a secret compartment under its seat that can be easily accessed from behind the bottom shelf books. No doubt, it is absolutely the perfect spot for hiding the precious stuff you have at home. BUT, aside from this awesome feature, this bookcase chair also has built-in rolling casters that will allow you to swiftly move it from one place to another. YES, it’s really that efficient.
This luxury club bookcase chair is a handmade item. It is made from veneer, silk, wood, and satin. So, rest assured, it’s highly durable. If you don’t fancy the color of the bookcase chair in the picture, don’t worry about it because there are other colors available that will bring out the coolness of your living room carpet and/or bedroom curtains.