Macbook Pro Swarovski Crystal Clear Case | TLG
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$799.95 from Etsy

What better way is there to enhance your most prized possession than by using a lovely and stunning Swarovski Crystal Macbook Case?
Aside from protecting your Macbook laptop, this intricately-designed case will also give your gadget a whole new upgraded elegant look. One of the many perks you’ll get to enjoy upon buying this is that it can easily compliment any look you may have for the day.
From classy to casual events, including important meetings, this gorgeous laptop case can fit right in and make everyone turn their attention to you and your precious Macbook.
Now, if you are worried that the crystal encrusted on this case’s surface would eventually fall of, you can drop that doubt right now. Not to brag or anything but this laptop case has been attached with Swarovski Crystals using high quality adhesive. This means that you don’t have to worry about the security of this Macbook Case’s attached crystals.