Melting clock 1024x1003
$12.95 from Amazon

If you are a sucker for high quality and meaningful pieces of art, then you have probably already heard of Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory Painting where loads of Melting Clocks were used by Dali to symbolize the relativity of space and time. This real-life melting clock brings that same exact surrealist art to the modern period by simply being awesome.
This melting clock, a clock inspired by Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory painting, is the perfect home accessory you could use to add an accent to your desk, shelf, cabinet, and the like. It’s very easy to use and fun to look at. Any guest you have in your home would surely appreciate the high quality and elegance of this real-life melting clock.
Nowadays, it is already extremely hard to find an eye-catching clock that will actually make your guests and relatives go “Whoa” once they see its extraordinary facade; but with this unique Dali-esque clock, time will never stop in your home… it will just simply melt away and will surely amaze anyone who gets to see it.