MiP Robot (Black) | TLG
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$50.39 from Amazon

The bot takes 4 AAA batteries and can be controlled via hand motions or a free iOS/Android application. You can program your robot to respond to 50 different hand gestures. Make it turn in circles or fetch you a snack. If that’s not your style, you can also control the robot via the free application. Make it serpentine or use videogame style toggles to drive it around the room.

This little guy comes with multiple game modes including Dance, Roam, Cage and Stack. Have it shake its groove thing or explore the living room. Play a virtual game or see how many items you can stack on its tray. Other modes include Boxing, Cans, Path, Battle, Tricks and Tracking. The MiP Robot is loaded with innovative features to keep you endlessly entertained! Give him a try. He’ll love you as much as you love him!