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My very own fairy tale
My very own fairy tale1
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In this personalized fairy tale book, your child will be transported from reality to the magical fairy garden where she will be crowned princess by the garden natives. Letter by letter, the magic garden fairies will bring out the letters of her name, making her heart swell and her excitement grow as she shines as the star in her own fairy tale. As the fairies bring out the letters, they describe the princess and the qualities that make your child perfect for the job. Guaranteed to make her feel extra special!

This personalized book has won several awards, including Family Choice Award and the Mom’s Choice Award. More importantly, though, it has won over girls all over the world making them feel special and unique.

Each book is hardcover and approximately 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall. This book makes the perfect gift for the holidays or any time throughout the year. Let the young ladies in your life know just how special and unique they are by giving them the gift of magic in the form of their very own fairy tale.