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Norpro onion holder odor remover
Norpro onion holder odor remover 1
Norpro onion holder odor remover 3
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Make your onion slicing sessions much easier in the kitchen through the use of this handy Onion Holder. Believe it or not, this awesome kitchen tool can lessen the probability of you cutting yourself while slicing an onion into even and thin slices. It’s THAT reliable and efficient.

This stainless steel onion holder is a very steady tool that is sure to guide your knife as you make even slices out of your onion. It has twelve prongs, so it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Because of the attached stainless steel oval of this onion holder, no onion odor can be annoyingly attached to your hands. Also, its santoprene handle guarantees a secure non-slip grip so that you can cut your onions without all the blood, sweat, and tears you usually have to give away because of this exhausting onion slicing activity.

In general, this onion holder is perfectly ideal for slicing onions; however, it also works pretty well with fruits and veggies. Coolness! The handle of this onion holder has a good grip and the prongs securely hold whatever you want to cut, what more could you ask for?