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1ff5 old book messenger bag
1ff5 old book messenger bag inuse
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$49.99 from Thinkgeek

Backpacks are the best go-to bag for pupils and students. To step it up, there’s now a very classic Old Book Messenger Bag that will make you the coolest dude [or dudette] in school.
Overwhelming as it may be to visualize, it’s now possible for you to marry functionality with trendiness. If you’re going for a classic yet trendy school look, you can just purchase this cool bag and you are sure to reign over your schoolmates at the drop of a hat. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Anyway, the point here is that this is your chance to be the first among your friends to show up with an extra cool look, so grab this opportunity right now!
This satchel is not just an ordinary satchel. It’s so roomy that you can put your laptop, tablet, e-reader, pens, phone, keys, books, notebooks, and wallet inside of it without compromising the external look of your incredible book bag. You can even fit a 15″ Macbook inside of it! How cool is that? So, c’mon, try to give yourself what you deserve. It won’t hurt.