1545 olde booke pillowes sleep
1545 olde booke pillowes
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1545 olde booke pillowes cuddle
$14.99 from Thinkgeek

Who says falling asleep whilst reading a book always means the book is boring? Well, it doesn’t say anywhere and just to show we are on your side, here is the Olde Book Pillow Classics, which consists of a charming and comfy set of pillow books… Wait; did someone just say comfy books? Um, yes if you saw it there, then there’s no need to re-read! These book pillows are a must have for every book worm as they will always help provide support to your neck whilst reading, which will always end up beneath your head once you need some rest. Whether you’re a fan of Alice, Sherlock, or even Treasure Island, you can very easily take your pick or even pick all three.
These have to be the first to be known as softback book as the ones you usually read are hardbacks, which explains why you instantly wake up as soon as you nod off on them! The three pillow books do in fact look exactly like books, which is why it’s a breeze sneaking them into your bookcase or personal library.