Ollie Darkside by Sphero® App-Enabled Robot | TLG
Darkside by sphero app enabled robot
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$129.99 from Brookstone

The Darkside Ollie is an Enabled Robot that is engineered to have excellent tricks that can be easily customized by you through an app. As an app-enabled robot, the darkside ollie can quickly spin, drift, and flip depending on the tricks it has up its sleeve.
Without any exaggeration, it’d be safe to say that the Darkside Ollie is the most amazing and hottest droid available in the market right now. It’s cool and definitely worth the payment for a number of reasons. First, it can glow in millions of colors. Second, it can roll out any time you wish. Third, it’s quick. (Fact: It can run up to fourteen mph. How cool is that?) Lastly, it connects instantly to your gadget via Bluetooth LE w/ a range of a hundred feet or less. Oh, and it even comes with an extra set of Turbo tires and flux hubs so that you can have the freedom to customize it. Outstanding!