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Personalized oak wine barrel  2
Personalized oak wine barrel
Personalized oak wine barrel  3
$89.95 from The New York times

There’s nothing better than giving a gift that has a personal touch to it and the following best thing has to be gifting something someone will constantly use. Well, think about it, you wouldn’t want to spend so much just to find the person never uses the item! Well, time to carry out a survey on all those lovers of wine as you will be making their day gifting them the Personalized Oak Wine Barrel. The handmade appealing wine cask is made from American oak and comes with a touch from the personalized factor, oh yes!

Our wine barrel elegantly features the name, date, and city that you select. Our custom-made barrel is more than just a decoration piece and comes with a functional and reliable wine barrel with bung and spigot. Just like other oak barrels, it can home your red or white wine, as well as other drinks such as beer, rum, or tequila. This is the ideal gift for all your mates who love wine and is perfect for anniversaries, retirements; pretty much everything really!

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