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$129.99 from Amazon

This extraordinary Privacy Pop Bed Tent is perfectly designed for an easy and quick setup and take down. It creates a room inside your room. The tent provides you with a small private space yet if your roommates are around. Wonderful, so spacious inside and quite private! It is of an ultra-modern style which could fit most of the common full beds. It is perfect for a dorm room. Its mesh and zip window parts provide a ventilation for your easy breathing and light as you are in need of. The inside of your tent is so dark, therefore, it is great for them who work at night and sleep in the daytime. Includes zippers on both sides for your comfortable use. With its compact carrying bag and exclusive folding design, it can transport with no bulk.

Featuring electronic port opening, it can easily access your laptop cords or cell phone. Your nice bed tent is made of water-repellent material. It wraps greatly under your mattress for a stable and comfortable fit. Provides your privacy when you need. The splendid tent is definitely worth the money.

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