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Busybody animated illusion  2
Busybody animated illusion  3
$24.50 from Vat19

Looking for a curiously awesome desk accessory? Well, we got one for ya. Here’s the BusyBody Animated Illusion “thing” that will entertain you anytime you need a break from your busy day.

The BusyBody Animated Optical Illusion device is a moving figure with ten stationary clones that can show ten slightly different poses. Once they spin rapidly on the turntable, your eyes will be amazed on how they can perform one single humanoid activity that ranges from walking, running, jumping jacks, and the like.

BusyBody is definitely not your average desk accessory. It’s a real-life GIF that will blow your mind. So, don’t just sit there buddy. Get yourself this amazing optical illusion device and put it on your work desk or home office. BUT if this is not your thing, make sure that you still order one for your niece, nephew, sibling, son, or daughter. After all, great toys, to a certain extent, make up a great childhood.