Reed   barton coffee urn1
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Reed and Barton can be the most famous name in producing high quality, stylish, luxurious coffee urn for entertaining your guests and friends just by providing with a cup of coffee or tea in a right way. Are you looking for a gorgeous and luxurious Coffee Urn for a holiday party or even an upscale brunch buffet that can show your sophistication to your busy host when you offer a self-serve way to dispense coffee? One of the American famous and oldest silversmiths, Reed & Barton, proficiently crafted this urn. This was formed in a very antique and lovely style. Reed & Barton plated the metal urn along with pure silver in a nice polished finish, and it’s a great match with his French renaissance inspired Burgundy flatware, including that pattern’s ornate leaves, scrolls, as well as flowers on legs, spout, handles, and finial. The urn is 18 inches tall and can hold up to 25 cups of coffee or tea, that means with this big urn, you can serve a big crowd and you don’t need refill it. This is really much more convenient to serve coffee or tea.